Midwood High School Admissions: How To Get Into Midwood High School!

Midwood High School Admissions

Midwood High School (“Midwood”) is a leading public high school in Brooklyn serving nearly 4000 students in total. The school has a great reputation in NYC with consistent rankings in the US News and NY Post high school lists, and Midwood offers targeted high school programs for students with interest in humanities and math or science. Read on to find out more about Midwood High School admissions, and discover whether Midwood High School is the right school for you.

Midwood High School | School Overview

Midwood is a large school in Brooklyn with a diverse student population and targeted high school programs for science and math, humanities and interdisciplinary studies, and Haitian Creole programs of study. Unlike many other NYC high schools, students apply for one of these programs during the high school application process and are accepted to Midwood to pursue their specific area of interest, similar to how students in college might select an area for their concentration or their major.

The school is incredibly competitive, especially for acceptance to its science-focused courses of study. This program requires five years of math and science as well as science research, which students may conduct through their labs or through some of the school-sponsored research programs. For the humanities program, students must take at least four years of foreign languages (including at least one year of Latin), and electives in Social Studies and English.

Because Midwood is partnered with Brooklyn College, students may obtain college credits for their high school courses through Brooklyn College and CUNY schools. Between the strong AP courses program and this college credit incentive, students may get a lot of college-level benefits from Midwood before graduating.

Midwood High School Admissions Information

Midwood accepts students through the routine Department of Education application process and screens differently based on the program students would like to join.

For the 2017 school year, students have four programs for application. The first is only open for students in the corresponding school districts for Midwood, and it is a general humanities and interdisciplinary studies program. Second is the humanities and interdisciplinary studies program for all NYC students. Third is the popular science and math program for NYC students, and fourth is the science and math program for bilingual Haitian Creole and English speaking students.

Note that the location-targeted general program is unscreened, while the other three programs do have screening based on student test scores. For the all-NYC humanities program, students need to achieve at least an 85 average in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Additionally, they need to have 3.0-4.5 scores in the previous year’s standardized test results.

The science and math programs have slightly higher requirements. Standardized test scores have the same cutoff, but the subject averages are at least an 88 (English, Social Studies, Science) and at least a 90 in Math. For the bilingual program, students need at least a 70 in Math and 75 in the other subjects, with standardized test cutoffs of 1.8 in English and 1.9 in Math. For the bilingual program, ninth grade courses are taught in Haitian Creole, with the following years in English.

Midwood High School| How to Prepare

Since there is no special entrance exam or interview for Midwood, students need to make sure that their report cards and year-end exams reflect excellent performance. Once students know which program they wish to apply for, take a close look at the cutoff scores in each subject. Are there any weak spots in previous standardized test performance, or maybe a lower score in a particular subject? Summer is a great time to check in and see which areas need some extra practice before the school year starts, otherwise students may be playing catch-up in the fall.

This article has given you an overview of Midwood High School admissions-- more details can be found on the school's official website.