We are in the business of empowering students to experience and ground themselves in their brilliance. And we are convinced that each individual student will realize his or her highest potential with the right mindset, support, and learning environment.

Our motto is “Choose Yourself”. A huge part of this is recognizing that the road to happiness or the coveted ‘ideal’ life is not measured by the digits of an ISEE, SAT or ACT score or by the fat acceptance letter from a particular school or college. 

Our students choose themselves and their own path by being resourceful, resilient and creative thinkers and consistently applying themselves. These are qualities that cannot be given or taken away, and are central to thriving and succeeding no matter where they land.  

Each student in our admissions mastery program receives the undivided attention and expertise of a dynamic and experienced admissions coach who will inspire students to be honest with themselves about what they want and why, and who will provide the framework, tools and support to help move them in the direction of their dreams.