Math is a critical academic skill, and the logic required for math is a critical life skill.

Your child will take math classes through high school, at the minimum. These years can be miserable for a struggling student. Sometimes a student just needs the chance to do a few more practice problems or have a concept explained in a new way and then everything suddenly makes sense. We focus on supporting students in bringing that "Aha!" moment to life. Once a student feels confident in one area of math, that confidence often spills out into every math class she takes. It can even positively influence her work in other subjects.

Whether it is working with a student in developing a strong foundation in the building blocks of math (elementary math, middle school math) or helping a student tackle the increasingly more challenging mathematical concepts she faces in high school, we design a program that fits the student’s specific needs and skills.

Mastering math is mastering clear, logical reasoning. Students who can confidently work with mathematical concepts are better equipped to deal with life's daily uncertainties and make more thoughtful, powerful choices.

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