I want to send to you yet another thank you for your guidance on another of Malcolm’s school issues. I was relieved as always to share the problem. This thank you is long overdue and cannot come close to rewarding you for your work/help.
— Allen-Stevenson School parent
Thanks so much for your help. We spoke with Chaz’s biology and Spanish teachers and they say he is off to a great start. Words can’t express how much we appreciate the time you spent with him. Hopefully you’ll get to hear from him soon though he rarely makes time to call us!
— Choate parent
Thank you for all you have done for Chris. Not only did he benefit from your tutoring, he learned from your character and integrity.
— Trinity-Pawling School parent
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your efforts with Jonathan during the application process. Your advice and counsel were invaluable, and his essays wound up more focused and thoughtful that they would otherwise have been.
— St. Paul's School parent
Dear Scott, thank you so much for helping me study. Not only did I learn about Geometry but I learned a lot about how to take tests and overall I was very calm and did well on my exams. I was really happy with my score, which translates to an A-. I always thought it was impossible to do well on exams. I would really like to continue working with you on math as you were so helpful.
— Rebecca, Chapin student
Scott, you are everything children and adults admire. Thanks so much for working with us.
— Poly Prep father