Writing well is an important life skill. 

Acquiring consistently strong writing skills is best accomplished through constant practice.  The lack of individual attention available in the classroom, however, can make it difficult to pinpoint problem areas and obtain the practice necessary to develop the craft. 

Our writing program helps students learn to write with speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Our students deeply engage in the written word by developing original ideas, exploring voice, and applying insights to new situations. Our students learn to organize and edit their work, sharpen their grammar skills, and improve their vocabulary. Most importantly, our students learn self-discipline and independent, creative thinking.  

Writing well is writing clearly; in order to write clearly, one must think clearly.  Students who can express themselves powerfully in writing are likely to be less anxious and more self-assured. Ultimately, writing is power: the power to understand oneself, the power to define one's dreams, and the power to shape and manage one's future.

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