Does your high schooler plan to take one or more of the SAT Subject Tests (SAT IIs)?  Or is your child just trying to decide which SAT Subject Test/s to pick? 

Origins Tutoring can assist your child in not only determining which SAT Subject Tests to take (and when to take them), but in helping your child achieve scores that reflect his or her personal best. We have coaches who can provide one-on-one tutoring in the following SAT Subject Tests:

SAT Literature * SAT US History * SAT World History * SAT Math I * SAT Math II * SAT Biology E/M * SAT Chemistry * SAT Physics * SAT French  * SAT French with Listening * SAT Spanish  * SAT Spanish with Listening * SAT Modern Hebrew


We emphasize a holistic approach that combines subject knowledge, critical thinking, executive skills development, and mentorship. Experience has shown that this integrated approach facilitates remarkable outcomes for students. Not only do students improve their scores and grades, they develop the skills to think, learn and problem solve on their own, which will help them in high school, college and throughout their lives.


We specialize in one-on-one coaching: we analyze and address each student's needs and monitor progress every step of the way. With targeted attention, each student learns to negotiate challenges, master skills, and gain confidence - the keys to improved results and performance.

SAT SUBJECT TEST TUTOR | gifted, experienced coaches

A lot of test-prep companies claim they have a “special” technique or method for acing standardized tests. Origins Tutoring is not a ‘secret sauce’ specialist: we believe in our coaches. Test preparation is effective because the coach thoroughly understands the SAT subject tests, and is experienced and talented at translating important concepts and key test-taking strategies to students.  This is why Origins Tutoring recruits some of the best independent private tutors in NYC so that we can deliver excellence and results to you.


There's one more reason that we hope will steer you to choose Origins Tutoring.

We are a NYC-based company, not a national brand. We pride ourselves on the trusted and long-term relationships we have developed with NYC families, schools and tutors. Many of our coaches have first hand experience in not only tutoring students from many of the most competitive private and public schools in NYC, but in attending these schools. We are dedicated to helping each student successfully navigate the academic and social challenges of their education.

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