You may have come to this website with questions about test prep for the SAT Subject Tests in Biology. How can your child best prepare for these tests? Could he or she benefit from a private tutor? And which subject test -- Biology M or Biology E -- would better suit your child's strengths?

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Origins Tutoring can help you address these questions and concerns and provide support and guidance to you in the test prep process. Our test prep tutoring approach is simple: each student will receive the undivided attention and expertise of a dedicated, experienced private tutor who is experienced with the SAT Subject Tests in Biology and places a premium on delivering the highest quality tutoring in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible. Our goal is minimize the anxiety and stress of the test prep process and help each student perform at his or her personal best.

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A student can take the SAT II Biology test with the "E" emphasis or the "M" emphasis. Biology M deals more with the building blocks of biology: molecular and cellular biology. Biology E has a bigger-picture view, covering more evolution and ecology material. One of our expert coaches will work with you and your child to decide which subject test would better suit your child's strengths. As much of the test is dependent on strong memorization skills and a solid foundation in the basic biology principles learned in class, working one-on-one with a coach can help identify any weak points before the test. Anything from a thorough review to a few targeted sessions before the test can help your child make sure he or she is comfortable with each section of the test.

Generally, students who have taken one full year of high school Biology are adequately prepared for the SAT IIs, assuming they also study some additional concepts outside of class. (The SAT Subject tests in Biology are more challenging than the Living Environment Regents, but slightly easier than the AP Biology tests.)


Origins Tutoring was founded by Scott Spizer, who worked for over a decade successfully tutoring hundreds of students throughout New York City. We know that dealing with test preparation can be stressful, and  we will take the time to address your questions and concerns. Please call us at (917) 287-7927 so we can begin to develop a personalized test prep program for the SAT Subject Tests in Biology that works best for your schedule.