Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Each student has a unique set of characteristics: different background knowledge, a predominant learning style that may vary in relation to different concepts and subject matter, a range of interests, and varied parental support and expectations. To anticipate that each student will learn in the same way, at the same speed, and using the same material is an unrealistic expectation. That’s why we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits’ all approach. Instead, we specialize in one-on-one tutoring - an approach based on each student’s needs, personality and learning style. That means that every session your child receives the full and undivided attention of her coach, who guides and monitors her progress, giving her feedback every step of the way. With this kind of individualized attention, each student can negotiate challenges, master skills, and gain confidence. And a student's belief in his capacity to succeed is the key to improved results.

Holistic Approach. Pure Results

We don’t view students as study machines that can be programmed to spit out grades and scores. As a result, our diagnostics always start with the question: “In what way is this kid smart”, rather than “how smart is this kid”. And we emphasize an integrated, holistic approach that combines not only subject knowledge, critical reasoning and problem solving skills, but also executive skills development, and mentorship. Our goal is to help each student achieve academic success — increased scores and better grades — while also increasing their confidence, and knowledge of themselves as learners.

COACHES with Brains and Personality

Of course, coaches must ‘know their stuff’. That’s why we work with a small and trusted group of coaches who have graduated from the nation’s leading universities, have several years of teaching or tutoring experience, and are wizards in their subject area. But expertise and experience are just our baselines for hiring. We also screen our tutors for another key ingredient: character. You’ll find that our coaches are personable, responsible people who are naturally gifted communicators with a sincere desire to help students reach their fullest potential. Some have also overcome similar academic and social challenges to the students they teach, and can connect with them by sharing those struggles and experiences. In fact, our students often don’t think of us simply as coaches, but as mentors, allies, even friends.

The Magic is in the Chemistry

When the chemistry isn’t there, it’s hard to get results. When a student connects with a coach, she is more engaged and more motivated to do her best work, and her performance improves. So we take the time to learn everything we can about our students – from academic backgrounds to extracurricular interests — and choose the coach to match his or her needs.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Just making it through middle and high school, with all its social and academic anxieties, can be a pretty harrowing rite of passage in NYC. And not just for students. As parents, we all want to do what we can to help our children succeed in school and pursue their dreams without limitations. And that can be tough when the context is so fraught with the unknown and some factors are beyond our control. Our goal is to help you on that journey, and shoulder some of the pain! We can work with you to create an effective tutoring plan that fits with your family’s busy schedule and the demanding curriculum of your school. We can help you formulate and implement a smart strategy for test preparation. And we can shepherd you through the often opaque and daunting school and college admission process. Whatever the problem, we are committed to help you cut through the clatter and get a handle on all the uncertainty.

Direct Line to the President

As a local company, personalized service is our forte. With us, you will always enjoy a professional, efficient, fast and responsive boutique tutoring company experience. Though Scott Spizer, founder and lead coach of Origins Tutoring, may not be able to tutor every family that requests him, he will be involved with every family that receives our services. He is always ready to give you the time, attention and respect you deserve. (But don’t take our word for it —see our clients' testimonials, or ask us to speak personally with satisfied customers). We’d be happy to put you in touch with one or more of our parents.