We emphasize loyalty and long-term relationships with both our coaches and our clients. We know our coaches, and we want to get to know you and your child. By doing so, we can avoid many of the pitfalls of larger services, where your child can be paired with an under qualified or mismatched coach (and you may end up feeling under appreciated and over billed!).

Our track record in helping kids succeed is a result of the work of  a handful of talented and experienced coaches. These are coaches who have mastered the art of teaching: they know the material, they know how to communicate, and they know how to inspire.



Katharine Rudzitis, alumna of Hunter College High School and an Amherst College student, is one of our tutors for the Hunter College High School test. Katharine started tutoring in ninth grade working with family friends. She continued to tutor throughout high school in various subjects and to help kids with test preparation. By the end of senior year, she was tutoring students in creative nonfiction writing  and critical reading; fifth to eleventh grade math; eighth and eleventh grade physics; and ISEE/SSAT/SHSAT/Hunter test prep.

In her own words: "I enjoy tutoring because I’ve always had fun working with other people on problems. Sometimes a student can surprise me with a creative way to approach a problem, and I love those moments of discovery. It’s also exciting to see personal essays take shape as students fill out applications, or to get an excited phone call from someone who aced a test. Most importantly, it’s rewarding to have a job that lets me interact with others and help them reach their goals."

Read more about Katharine's story, including how she was homeschooled before going to Hunter College High School, and how she later landed at Amherst College.