Pre-calculus and calculus are two areas where your child may benefit from a private math coach.  Building on the conceptual ideas of algebra and extending them to higher levels, pre-calculus sets up the foundation that calculus will use. As both classes are fast-paced, it is a good idea to rectify quickly any problems that become apparent. Another consideration you may want to take into account is your child's college goals.  Depending on the calculus class your child takes, there may be an opportunity for college credit, or at the very least your child may place out of comparable introductory calculus classes, which will help open up freshman year to other classes.  A math coach can help get your child take advantage of this opportunity.

At Origins Tutoring, we don’t believe in a 'one-size-fits’ all approach. Instead, we specialize in private coaching – a holistic approach  based on each student’s needs, personality and learning style. Please call us at (917) 287-7927 so we can begin to develop a math mastery program for your child.