When a class seems to be demanding an excessive amount of time and effort, you may want to consider private math coaching for your child.

Trigonometry blends both abstract math and clearer geometric concepts together.  This combination can be challenging, so if your child struggles in trigonometry, he or she may benefit from a one-on-one coach. While studying trigonometry, your child will spend a considerable amount of time with angles, properties of triangles, and learning about sines, cosines, and tangents, and these new topics can be challenging.  And if your child never became confident in geometry class, the weaknesses will likely make trigonometry more difficult.  A private math coach  can help with all these challenges.

At Origins Tutoring, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits’ all approach. Instead, we specialize in private coaching –a holistic approach based on each student’s needs, personality and learning style. Please call us at (917) 287-7927 so we can begin to develop a math mastery program for your child.