Hunter College High School | Curriculum and Electives

Some families may have heard about Hunter College High School and its high-stakes entrance exam, but not everyone knows a lot about the school itself. Sure, it only admits about 6% of applicants, has a top graduation rate, and places students at the best colleges in the country, but that doesn’t say a lot about what happens during the school day. We’ve gathered some helpful information to help families and interested students understand what happens during six years at Hunter.

Hunter College High School | Curriculum Overview

Because students start at Hunter in 7th grade (or in kindergarten, for 50 Manhattan students), the high school curriculum gets implemented on a staggered scale. From 7th to 11th grade, students complete all the New York State high school requirements, which leaves all of senior year open for electives, independent studies, and college classes.

When students begin at Hunter in 7th grade, teachers know that they aren’t used to a full high school workload. Two different math tracks (honors and extended honors) help place children at the appropriate math level for their year, though these tracks can be switched if needed. A skills class functions like a study hall and time management seminar, and it helps students transition to Hunter during their first semester.

Once students get adjusted, their high school curriculum can begin. As is typical for New York City high schools, students take full years of math, English, social studies/history, science, and a foreign language. There are also semester requirements for physical education, art, music, and health. In 11th grade, the schedule opens up more: there’s room for two electives each semester. By senior year, the schedule is completely open.

Hunter College High School | What’s Unique About Hunter?

Once students reach 12th grade, they've completed the New York State high school requirements and have the freedom to design their own schedules. With the exception of a PE class each semester, students are free to fill the remaining five slots in any way they see fit, and teens can even elect to take a sixth course, internship, or college class if they have the free time. Many teens fill their senior year with additional AP classes to supplement the AP courses they took during 11th grade, while other students who completed math studies early may choose to take college math courses.

If students want to pursue foreign languages, they have the option to continue their chosen language in an independent study, or they can choose to begin a new language. Many courses at CUNY schools are open to Hunter students who want to earn college credit. Additionally, internships for non-profit organizations count toward class credit, so students can work at local hospitals, schools, or any number of businesses in lieu of an additional class.

All of these options provide plenty of freedom during senior year, which is a great way for teens to begin getting used to the responsibilities they’ll have in college. Choosing classes and creating schedules is good practice for freshman year, which is just one way that Hunter helps prepare teens for success.

Hunter College High School | Are You Considering Test Prep for Hunter?

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