Hunter College High School vs Stuyvesant High School? Which One is Best for You?

Many people in New York think that Hunter College High School and Stuyvesant are similar high schools, but that’s not the whole story. Entry points for the schools are different, as are several other major factors. If any Hunter College High School students are wondering about switching to Stuyvesant for high school, they should think carefully about their needs and which school might be the best match.

Hunter vs Stuyvesant? | Admissions Requirements

Hunter and Stuyvesant admit students at different points in their educational careers. Students can join Hunter College High School only for kindergarten or 7th grade: there are no other entry points, so class size can only decrease. Stuyvesant admits students mainly for 9th grade, though it will fill empty 10th grade slots with transfer students each year.

For Hunter College High School, students must ace the Hunter entrance exam, which is administered in 6th grade for admission to 7th grade in the following fall.

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If students want to attend Stuyvesant, they must be a top performing scholar on the Specialized High School Admissions Test, which governs admissions for the eight specialized high schools in New York City.

Sometimes students at Hunter College High School will consider transferring to Stuyvesant for 9th or 10th grade, and this decision cannot be taken lightly. Students will have to get a top score on the SHSAT to be admitted to Stuyvesant.

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Hunter or Stuyvesant? | What Size School is Best?

Hunter College High School and Stuyvesant are completely different in terms of size. Each class year at Hunter has approximately 200 people, and because of families moving or students switching to other schools, many graduating classes have closer to 190 students. At Stuyvesant, there are around 3300 enrolled students, and about 900 seniors graduate each year. We recommend that students think carefully about their social preferences, and then they can decide which school feels more comfortable.

Hunter or Stuyvesant? | Available Facilities

Because Stuyvesant serves a much larger student body, it also offers students more in terms of sports and facilities. The building itself is far larger than Hunter’s campus, and Stuyvesant also has a pool on site. Gym space at Hunter College High School is a little more cramped, so students will go to fields off site to practice.

Hunter or Stuyvesant? | Exceptional in Math?

Hunter College High School is the better school for students who want a stellar and well-rounded education, but students who excel in math may want to consider switching to Stuyvesant. The larger size can give students a better chance of meeting similarly gifted students, and there are more options for higher-level math study at Stuyvesant. Children gifted in math will work closely with teachers at Hunter College High School, but they may still remain in their high school math classes.

Hunter or Stuyvesant? | What About the Regents?

Unlike other New York City high schools, Hunter College High School does not require students to take the Regents exams in each subject. Because the curriculum as a whole was deemed intellectually rigorous enough to meet Regents requirements, Hunter students finish the school year several weeks before other high school students. Stuyvesant does still require students to take the Regents exams, so they need to sit for a few tests each year in mid to late June.

Hunter or Stuyvesant? | Getting to Know Teachers

Because Hunter College High School is a much smaller school, it gives students a better chance at bonding with teachers and forming meaningful relationships with faculty. This leads to opportunities for independent studies and college credit during senior year, which is not always possible at Stuyvesant. This may not bother students who prefer to spend time with peers, but students who want access to mentorship opportunities and deeper bonds with teachers may prefer the smaller setting of Hunter College High School.

Hunter or Stuyvesant? | The Final Word

Both Hunter College High School and Stuyvesant High School present wonderful opportunities for their students, but we suggest that teens think carefully about which school is a better fit. The size of both schools and available opportunities can make a difference for students in terms of social life, academic options, and enrichment classes. Visiting both schools is a great idea for students who need to choose, as well as talking to current students. With some research, teens can pick the place that’s the best fit.