10 Reasons Why Hunter High School is the Best Public High School in NYC

Hunter High School is one of the best schools in the country, and even though it’s free, its academic record and student performance beat those of hundreds of private schools around the USA. It’s not just the low sticker price that makes Hunter great: explore the Hunter High School website  and read on to check out some of the top reasons why Hunter is such a wonderful school.

1. Hunter High School | No Networking Needed

Unlike some independent and private schools that require long applications, wait times, and a well-connected network, Hunter admits students based only on their scores for the Hunter High School entrance exam. It’s not about knowing the head of school, or having siblings/parents who went to Hunter High School; every child who aces the exam has a shot at admittance.

2. Hunter High School | Open Campus

Many public schools in New York have long security lines and strict rules about when students can enter and exit the building. Hunter High School is different. During free periods and lunches, students can come and go as they please, whether it’s out to the courtyard to socialize or around the Upper East Side to grab a meal together. The independence given to students makes Hunter High School a great place to build lasting friendships and mature during the high school years.

3. Hunter High School | Easier Transition to High School

Since students enter only in kindergarten or seventh grade, there’s plenty of time to adjust before ninth grade (and the official start of high school) arrive. There are specific classes designed to bring students up to speed with writing and math skills, so they’re fully prepared for a high school workload when ninth grade begins.

4. Hunter High School | Close Relationships with Faculty

Because students stay at Hunter High School for six years (seventh to twelfth grade), there are ample opportunities to befriend teachers and develop meaningful relationships with faculty members. Many students take on independent studies during senior year with their favorite teachers, which is great preparation for the intense work they’ll do when college starts.

5. Hunter High School | Strong Support for Student Activities

It's easy to start new clubs at Hunter, and there are already dozens of affinity groups, cultural associations, and hobby-based clubs. Students can obtain funding to do events, put on performances in the auditorium, hold bake sales in the hallway, and get involved in many ways in order to raise awareness for their activity.

6. Hunter High School | Tons of Freedom

In addition to the open campus, the faculty and staff treat students well at Hunter. There are no bells, so students must be responsible for tracking their own time and free periods between classes, and the administration gives students plenty of flexibility in choosing electives. While this can be a quick adjustment for seventh graders, the increased freedom has plenty of benefits.

7. Hunter High School | Free Senior Year

Students complete their high school requirements by the end of eleventh grade, so senior year is open for all sorts of activities. In addition to independent studies, teens can do internships for class credit, take college courses, and enjoy many different electives.

8. Hunter High School | Awesome College Placement

With a graduation rate of over 99%, Hunter High School positions its students well to continue on at Ivy League colleges, schools in the Golden Dozen, and top state universities. The college counseling program is thorough and helps each student find the perfect college match.

9. Hunter High School | Top Test Scores

Students at Hunter High School routinely ace their AP exams, and the average SAT score is approximately 2100 out of 2400. Surrounded by this top talent, students always have a bit of healthy competition to keep them working hard.

10. Hunter High School | Completely Free!

Hunter High School does not charge any kind of tuition fee for students. Even the costs normally associated with high school (think prom, art supplies, trips, SAT fees, etc.) can be waived for families who meet income eligibility requirements. That makes Hunter High School a wonderful place for kids from any background.

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