ISEE Exam | FAQs About the ISEE Test

Students who plan to join an independent school or a magnet school in the USA may need to take the ISEE in order to be admitted. This exam can be a little confusing, so here are answers to some common ISEE questions.

ISEE Exam | Which Level Do Students Take?

There are three ISEE levels: Lower, Middle, and Upper. The exam students take depends on their current grade: Lower level corresponds to students through grade five, Middle level is for grades six and seven, and Upper level is for students in eighth grade and up.

ISEE Exam | How Many Times Can Students Take the ISEE?

Students can take the ISEE as many times as needed, but only at six month intervals. This means students need to be strategic about test dates. In order to go through a full exam once for practice and then take the ISEE for a real score, students need to plan ahead and make sure they take the first test at least six months ahead of the second exam.

ISEE vs SSAT | Which to Take

The SSAT(Secondary School Admission Test) is another commonly used entrance exam for independent schools. Some boarding schools prefer SSAT results to ISEE results, but otherwise it’s usually up to the student to choose which exam is the best fit. Both exams include a writing sample, verbal section, and reading comprehension questions. The SSAT folds math problems into the quantitative section instead of splitting them as the ISEE does. The content is similar for both exams, and even the SSAT/ISEE prep books use similar problems.

The SSAT has less stringent regulations on exam timing: students can take the exam on any of the eight test dates during the year, instead of waiting six months as they must after the ISEE. Otherwise, the exams are quite similar.

ISEE Exam | What’s The Point of the ISEE essay?

Even though the essay does not count toward the total ISEE score, it’s still important for students to do well on the writing sample. Each school a student applies to will see a copy of this essay, so good writing skills will help students have a better chance of admittance.

ISEE Exam | How To Get More Information

To learn more about the ISEE and register for the exam, visit the official ISEE site . There are descriptions of each ISEE level and a list of locations throughout the year.

Are You Considering prep for the ISEE test?

Preparation for the ISEE does not have to be daunting and exasperating; instead, it can represent an important opportunity along a student’s path to learning mastery. Indeed, the perspectives and abilities acquired during preparation can be transformative and last a lifetime.

Our two-track approach to mastering content and improving test-taking skills means that students will not only thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts and skills tested by the ISEE exam, but they will also excel in using essential techniques to improve attitude, endurance and focus. Our students hone their independent thinking skills while developing a resilient mindset so they can perform on test day in a powerful, resourceful, creative and calm manner.

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