OLSAT® Question Type: Quantitative Reasoning Questions

In this post, we start with an overview of "Quantitative Reasoning" section, which includes three question types.

We provide links to sample questions and strategies for each of the three question types.

We also provide more general tips and strategies that students can use to perform successfully on the quantitative reasoning section of the official OLSAT® exam.

Quantitative Reasoning Question Types: What To Expect?

These questions evaluates a student’s ability to discern patterns and relationships in order to solve problems with numbers. This section requires that students be able to predict outcomes based on their knowledge of mathematics.

The quantitative reasoning section has three question types:

Type Level Description
Number Series D-G Students must examine a sequence of numbers and determine a pattern that governs those numbers. They will then apply that pattern in order to predict what comes next.
Numeric Inference D-G Using computation skills, students will have to determine how two or three numbers are related. Once they have uncovered this relationship, students will have to apply this rule to another pair or trio of numbers.
Number Matrix D-G For these questions, students must examine numbers in a matrix and determine what principle or rule links those numbers. Then, they must apply this rule to figure out what number should be placed in a given blank.

Quantitative Reasoning Questions:Tips and Strategies

This section requires the ability to understand relationships between numbers and numeric groupings, complete number sequences and series, and use mathematical concepts in context.

Work on basic number concepts with your child, such as more, less, and equal. Help your child practice simple arithmetic with workbooks, educational computer games, or even educational TV shows. Incorporate number concepts into daily life by counting, comparing, or identifying patterns in places like the grocery store or your own home.

Most importantly, have your child consistently practice the question types she will see on the test. These questions are not formatted like the questions your child likely sees in school, so it is crucial to build familiarity and confidence with the material. Have your child explain her reasoning on each question, allowing you to reinforce strong reasoning skills and correct misconceptions as needed.

Quantitative Reasoning: Sample Questions

See sample questions from every question type on the quantitative reasoning section: Number Series, Number Matrix, and Numeric Inference.

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