Improving Math Scores With Online Tutoring

Plenty of kids struggle with math, and this can be frustrating because each year of math classes builds on the year before. Falling behind during one challenging year can mean students stay behind in their later classes. Ideally, students would always have access to a tutor in order to work through homework problems, review tough concepts from class, and prepare for tests, but this isn’t practical for most people. Many families have turned to online tutoring solutions for extra help at a more affordable cost, with the added flexibility of access around the clock, by either scheduling an hour of tutoring on specific days, or using one-off sessions in order to master a concept before exams.

We’ve discussed the benefits of online tutors for the SAT in a previous blog post, but we’d like to share more information with you about how students can benefit from online math help.

online math tutor | Why Are Online Tutors Useful for Mastering Math?

Some people may have reservations about working with online tutors, but an online tutor can be a great choice for some students. There are certain technological advantages that online tutoring can offer that private tutoring cannot, and vice versa. One of the biggest pros of online tutoring is the ability to track specific skills that students improve, which gives families a real-time guide to how their child is developing in certain areas. This kind of feedback can be used to easily set goals and to make sure that students only move on to new ideas after they have a strong foundation in essential mathematical concepts. Working with a private tutor will also allow families to form goals and work toward skill mastery, but this kind of real-time, highly detailed monitoring is only possible with a web-based or software-based tutoring system.

Aside from these detailed progress reports of a student’s improvement, online tutoring is helpful because of its extreme flexibility. When students work with a private tutor, they may stick to a schedule of meeting every week for an hour, or something similar, with some extra time before exams start. While this is also possible with online tutoring, connecting over the internet allows students to find tutors at nearly any hour. This is particularly useful for last-minute studying or finishing homework before a deadline, so students who want occasional math help might want to consider finding a tutor online.

The level of customization with some web-based programs can also be appealing to students, just because it makes learning seem a little more like a game. Online programs can tailor question content to students’ interests—think sports concepts in word problems, instead of apples and oranges, or understanding that students learn better using video clips than by reading an article. Because online programs can provide this type of individualized learning, it can be a smart choice for kids who don’t get as much out of more traditional tutoring methods.

The added customization, flexibility with tutoring times and session lengths, and ease of access make online tutoring worth checking out. Adding in even a few web-based learning methods can help any student learn skills better, which will make sure that their math performance stays strong in the coming years.

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