Downloadable PARCC Practice Test 5th Grade + How to Ace the Exam

PARCC practice test 5th grade

If your child is a 5th grade student in a PARCC state, he or she will be required to take the PARCC English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics exams this year.

PARCC tests were developed based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and assess students’ progress toward mastery of these standards. Both ELA and Math tests are administered in grades 3-11.

Because they’re based on the rigorous CCSS, PARCC tests are challenging. But taking PARCC practice tests 5th grade can help, so we’re providing links to point you in the right direction. We’ll also give you key information, sample questions, and study tips!

Downloadable PARCC Practice Test PDF (Fifth Grade)

The following downloadable 5th grade PARCC test was made by the creator of the PARCC assessments, so it is the gold standard for practice. That means that the test contains the kind of material that your child will face on test day.

Just click the button below to get the practice exam, plus we will also send you our 5 proven test prep strategies for using PARCC practice tests in your study plan.

Grade 5 PARCC Practice Test - ELA & Math

What is PARCC?

PARCC (the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) is a group of states working together to develop assessments that determine if students are on track for success in college and careers. These tests are also linked to the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core is a “clear set of shared goals and expectations” for the skills and knowledge students in each grade level should master, particularly in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Like these standards, PARCC focuses on higher level critical thinking skills, problem solving, analysis, and real-world application.

PARCC scores are used to evaluate teachers and schools and to inform instruction. They can also give you insight into your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

PARCC 5th Grade Basics

Fifth grade students take both the PARCC ELA and the PARCC Math assessments.

Tests must be administered during a 30 day window that ends about 90% of the way through the school year. Fortunately, this means your child will have the majority of the school year to learn the skills and knowledge assessed by PARCC.

These assessments are computer based and use interactive questions that can test higher level skills more effectively than traditional multiple choice tests.

Students write short responses and essays, provide evidence to support responses, drag and drop words and numbers into charts and graphs, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the content on both 5th grade PARCC tests, in addition to viewing some PARCC 5th grade sample questions.

PARCC ELA 5th Grade

Fifth grade students are tested on higher level reading comprehension and writing skills. Students answer questions based on both informational and literary passages, in addition to some video and audio content. Questions assess the ability to do the following:

  • Determine main idea and supporting details

  • PARCC Practice Test 5th Grade - Main Idea sample

    PARCC Practice Test 5th Grade - Main Idea sample

  • Evaluate author’s purpose and author’s choices

  • Analyze figurative language

  • PARCC - Figurative Language sample question

    PARCC - Figurative Language sample question

  • Determine the meaning of vocabulary in context

  • PARCC - Vocab sample question

    PARCC - Vocab sample question

  • Analyze setting, characterization, and theme

  • PARCC - Theme sample question

    PARCC - Theme sample question

  • Find evidence to support responses (See Evidence Based Selected Response below)

  • Describe how various parts of a text interact with and build on other parts (i.e. how details develop and support certain points, how one piece of a text impacts the text as a whole, etc.)

  • PARCC - Builds On sample question

    PARCC - Builds On sample question

  • Analyze the impact of text features like illustrations, subheadings, bolded words, etc.

  • Describe and analyze text structure
  • PARCC - Structure sample question

    PARCC - Structure sample question

    There are three question types on PARCC ELA:

  • Evidence Based Selected Response: These two-part questions are the most common on PARCC ELA. Part A requires students to answer a standard multiple choice question, while Part B asks students to select evidence that supports their response to Part A.
  • PARCC - Evidence Based A sample question

    PARCC - Evidence Based A sample question

    PARCC - Evidence Based B sample question

    PARCC - Evidence Based B sample question

  • Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response: Students use technology (drag and drop, click on text, move items to show relationship, etc.) to demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and comprehension abilities.

  • PARCC - Technology Enhanced sample

    PARCC - Technology Enhanced sample

    Students may be asked to click on pieces of text to support a claim, check each box that could be a correct response to the question, select items from a drop down menu, drag and drop steps into chronological order, etc.

  • Range of Prose Constructed Response: These written response items require students to answer literary analysis questions, complete research tasks (synthesizing information from provided sources to answer a research question), and demonstrate narrative writing skills like writing an alternate ending, adding dialogue, or writing a story from a different point of view.
  • Here’s an example of a literary analysis question:

    PARCC - Literary Analysis sample

    PARCC - Literary Analysis sample

    The following example is a research task:

    PARCC - Research Task sample

    PARCC - Research Task sample

    And narrative written response items look like this:

    PARCC - Narrative sample

    PARCC - Narrative sample

    The ELA test is divided into three sections, called “units.” Fifth grade students have 90 minutes to complete each unit.

    This is a challenging test, but you can help your child effectively prepare with PARCC practice tests 5th grade.

    PARCC Mathematics 5th Grade

    Fifth grade students must demonstrate the ability to solve multi-step math problems that require critical thinking and address real-world situations. Your child may be expected to:

  • Make sense of quantities and relationships to solve real world problems
  • PARCC - Real World sample

    PARCC - Real World sample

  • Convert measurements
  • PARCC - Measurements sample

    PARCC - Measurements sample

  • Work with expressions, equations, and graphs
  • PARCC - Graph sample

    PARCC - Graph sample

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
  • PARCC - Product sample

    PARCC - Product sample

  • Complete equations involving fractions and decimals
  • PARCC - Fractions sample

    PARCC - Fractions sample

  • Work with geometric shapes
  • PARCC - Geometry sample

    PARCC - Geometry sample

    There are three major task types on PARCC Mathematics assessments:

  • Type I: Tasks assessing concepts, skills, and procedures. (The multiple choice sample items above are Type I questions.)

  • Type II: Tasks assessing the ability to express mathematical reasoning (written arguments and justifications, critiques of reasoning, precision in mathematical statements).
  • PARCC - Type II sample

    PARCC - Type II sample

  • Type III: Tasks assessing models/application in real world contexts or scenarios.
  • PARCC - Type III Part A sample

    PARCC - Type III Part A sample

    PARCC - Type III Part B sample

    PARCC - Type III Part B sample

    PARCC - Type III Part C sample

    PARCC - Type III Part C sample

    For 5th grade students, the math assessment is divided into four 60-minutes units.

    To help your child prepare for this challenging assessment, don’t forget to check out the PARCC practice test 5th grade.

    How to Prepare for PARCC 5th Grade

    Don’t be discouraged by the fact that PARCC tests are challenging. Remember that PARCC is aligned with CCSS, and so is your child’s curriculum.

    This means that the skills and knowledge your child learn throughout the school year will be the same skills and knowledge assessed by PARCC. For this reason, remind your child that it’s important to pay attention in class, complete classwork and homework, and ask questions when needed.

    If your child seems to struggle with reading, writing, or math this year, you may want to ask the teacher for extra help or consider hiring a tutor. Your child’s school may also have free tutoring programs in the morning or afternoon.

    Setting a weekly reading goal is an excellent way to prepare for PARCC ELA. Reading a set amount of pages or minutes weekly will improve your child’s grammar, writing abilities, and reading comprehension.

    If your child needs extra math practice, you can purchase workbooks, computer programs, or even apps designed to help children improve specific math skills.

    The most effective way to prepare for any major test, however, is by working on sample questions and completing practice tests. The PARCC practice tests 5th grade that we’ve provided here are an excellent starting point.

    When your child answers incorrectly, take time to discuss why the right answer is correct (and where your child went wrong). Clear up any misconceptions, and try to develop strategies for answering similar questions in the future.

    If you notice a question type that your child particularly struggles with, focus future practice sessions on these questions. Keep sessions brief, engaging, and encouraging to prevent your child from getting burnt out or developing test anxiety.

    It’s important that you don’t overemphasize the test. Too much stress at a young age is not only unhealthy, but it’s also likely to have a negative impact on your child’s ability to perform her best.

    If you follow these tips and help your child complete PARCC practice tests 5th grade, her abilities are sure to shine on the PARCC test.