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Have you asked yourself whether your child would benefit from a private SHSAT tutor, or if a class might better suit his or her needs? Have you questioned how much time your family should commit to the SHSAT test prep process? Are you concerned about how your child will fit tutoring into a tight schedule that is filled with numerous school and family commitments as well as after-school activities?

You probably have many questions like these about how to best help your child prepare for his or her upcoming SHSAT test. Origins Tutoring can help you address these questions and concerns, and provide support and guidance for your family in the test prep process. Our goal is to help your child perform at his or her personal best, while having as positive a testing experience as possible. We are a boutique tutoring and test prep company specializing in customized, one on one tutoring that takes place in the comfort of your home, or in the office of one of our tutors.

Our test prep approach is simple: each student will receive the undivided attention and the expertise of a highly-qualified and experienced SHSAT tutor who places a premium on delivering the highest quality tutoring in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible.

Highly-customized, one-on-one, SHSAT tutoring

Unlike a class, where a teacher will follow a cookie-cutter curriculum produced for the average student, our highly-customized one-to-one SHSAT tutoring program responds to each student’s particular learning style and individual needs, and focuses test preparation where a student needs it, without wasting time on concepts he already understands. With targeted, personalized attention, your child can negotiate challenges, master skills, and gain confidence, which is the key to improved results and performance. Click here to learn more about our test prep approach.

Local company dedicated to serving NYC families

So why should you choose Origins Tutoring, a local test prep and tutoring company based in NYC, over other companies?

Scott Spizer founded Origins Tutoring after fifteen years of providing private tutoring and test preparation to hundreds of students in competitive public and private schools throughout New York City. He wanted to create a tutoring company that provides a highly-personalized tutoring service to support NYC families on their journey through middle and high schools, and transition to college.

A lot of test-prep companies claim they have a “special” technique or method for acing standardized tests. Origins Tutoring is not a ‘secret sauce’ specialist: we believe in our tutors. Test preparation is effective because the tutor thoroughly understands the SHSAT, and is experienced and talented at reviewing fundamentals, and at translating important concepts and key strategies to students. That’s why we hire some of the best independent private tutors in NYC so that we can deliver excellence and results to you.

We know that you have many options when it comes to SHSAT preparation, and that the decision to invest in the process is an important and often stressful one. We are happy to take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns so you can relax and focus on what’s really important. Please call us at 917.287.7927 to arrange a complimentary consultation.