ACT Test Prep | Winter ACT

ACT Test Prep: Will Your Teen Take the Winter ACT?

Does your teen wants to take the ACT this winter as part of a successful college application? If so, it'll be tough to balance schoolwork, sports, activities, and practice ACT questions, so think about creating a test review schedule. The key to acing the ACT is to get familiar with the questions, hone grammar skills, and review important math concepts: strong critical reading skills and quantitative reasoning skills are important for the entire ACT. After brushing up on all that, someone planning to take the ACT should practice whenever possible! The more practice tests and questions he or she completes, the easier the ACT will be on test day.

Will Your Teen Do the Essay?

Now that the ACT has an optional essay section, every teen needs to decide whether taking the ACT with writing will help or hurt his or her overall exam score. Anyone who is strong in writing may want to consider taking the writing section, just because it’ll be a great way to boost the ACT composite score. For someone who is better at math and reasoning skills, the ACT without writing could be a better way to highlight talent.

For people who aren’t sure whether or not to attempt the writing section, the decision can be a bit trickier. One of the biggest factors that someone should consider is the length of time before the test: if a teen starts studying months before taking the ACT, he or she will have enough time to devote a few weeks to essay prep. On the other hand, someone with only four weeks before the test may want to devote that time to math and logic, instead of opting to also take the writing section. Essentially, a student who is already strong in the required ACT sections (Math, English, Reading, and Science) may want to do some practice essays and then take the ACT with writing. Someone who would rather brush up on one of the four core topics may find studying for that topic more beneficial than trying to prepare for the optional writing section as well.

Does Your Teen Need More Support?

Standardized tests are high-stakes in NYC, and you probably have questions about how to best help your child prepare for the ACT. You may have asked yourself whether your child would benefit from a private test prep tutor. Origins Tutoring, a NYC test prep and tutoring company specializing in customized, one-to-one test prep tutoring, can help address these concerns, and guide and support your family through the sometimes stressful standardized test preparation process. Our test prep tutoring approach is simple: each student will receive the undivided attention and the expertise of a dedicated, experienced tutor who places a premium on delivering the highest quality test preparation tutoring in the most effective and time-efficient manner possible. Please call 917.287.7927 for a complimentary consultation now.