Advanced Placement (AP) Classes: Which Should You Choose?

The first year when your teen can choose electives is an exciting time. After years of following a rigid schedule, the freedom to choose classes can be a welcome relief. With that said, some teens may have a difficult time narrowing down all their options: some high schools will only offer a handful of electives and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, while other schools may have the resources to provide dozens of choices.

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes | What are the Benefits of Taking Them?

Deciding to take AP classes is an important decision, both for your teen’s subsequent year in high school and for his or her college path. AP classes are designed to mimic the work that a first-year college student would complete, so an AP English class will have more reading and writing than a normal English class, while an AP Calculus class will move faster and cover more material than a typical high school math class. For students who want a change of pace or more challenging material, AP classes can combine a faster progression with higher-level course material.

AP classes also have another major benefit. Each AP class has a corresponding test that students may choose to take in May, once most of the course material has been covered. For students who do well on the AP test for that class, high scores can mean college credit or placing out of intro level college courses. Even for students who opt not to take the AP test, having an AP class on a high school transcript always looks better to college admissions workers than taking the high school class equivalent in the same subject.

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes | Which Should You Pick?

For teens who feel like their academic strengths might suit AP-level coursework, it can be tough to decide which AP classes are actually worth the time! A good way to make decisions about AP classes is for your teen to think about the courses he or she wants to take in college. AP courses can reduce the number of intro classes your teen will need to take, and in some cases, your teen may be able to graduate early if he or she attends a college that accepts college credit for excellent AP performance. Because of these perks, it’s probably wise for your teen to take AP-level classes in subject areas that he or she enjoys and excels at, since taking AP classes now can save lots of time and money in college.

Tutoring Could Help Your Child Excel in Advanced Placement (AP) Classes

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