NNAT®2 Question Type: Pattern Completion

In this post, we start with an overview of "Pattern Completion" question types. We also show you a sample question, accompanied by tips and strategies that students can use to perform successfully on "Pattern Completion" questions during the official NNAT®2 exam.

Pattern Completion Questions: What To Expect?

With this question type, the child is presented with a design in a rectangle. Inside the large rectangle is a smaller white rectangle representing a missing piece that completes the design. The child must choose the answer that best fits the inner rectangle so that the missing parts complete the design.

These questions are the most common question types found on the Level A and B tests, and are the easiest kinds of matrices in the exam.

Pattern Completion Sample Question



Pattern Completion Questions: Test Prep Tips

When you first start doing pattern completion practice questions with your child, before each question, say to him or her:

“Look at the picture. A piece is missing where you see the question mark. Show me the piece that is missing in the answer choices.”

After a few questions, your child will probably not need this prompt and will spontaneously point to or mark an answer.

Additional Strategies:

  • Ask your student to complete the picture by continuing the correct lines and colors of the design into the empty box. Then, match the drawing with the correct answer choice.

  • Ask your student to note the color and design next to the corners of the empty box as this is a useful base to help identify the correct answer.

  • Go through each answer option and ask the student to visualize how each choice would fit the design.

  • What's Next?

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