Private Math Tutor: Is It Time To Hire One?

If your child has performed badly on yet another math test, or her grades are not improving despite extra support from school or from adults at home, it might be time to consider hiring a private math tutor.

Math is an important subject in school, and students will face years and years of math classes. Elementary and middle school math can be manageable for many kids, but as they move up the grades, students are asked to deal with more complicated and abstract concepts and problems. That's why it is so important to take action early if you notice that your child is having trouble in math. Math topics often build on each other, and if your child has not mastered a current topic, her chances increase that that she will falter on the next topic taught. A private math tutor can help provide a strong foundation in the building blocks of math (elementary math, middle school math) so a student can confidently move on to higher-level math classes.

A Private Math Tutor Can Help Build Skills and Confidence

Of course, there many reasons why a child may be struggling in math. It could be because of a bad experience in an earlier math class, or it may be because of a lack of confidence or skills in a particular area. Since students study so many different types of math from elementary school to high school, it is perfectly normal for your child to excel in one area, but struggle in another. The math classes every NYC student takes require different problem-solving methods and varied skill sets, and it can be difficult to learn all of these tools right away. Sometimes private math tutoring can be the answer to a rough patch, because it can be scary for your child to ask questions in a big classroom or to pinpoint what exactly is causing him or her confusion. Individual attention hones in on weak spots and will fill in any foundational gaps.

A Private Math Tutor for NYC High-School Students

Once a student has a strong foundation in number sense and mathematical operations, the fun begins. High school math often gets a bad reputation, both because of the heavy workload in high school and the increasingly abstract mathematical concepts students face. However, some of the more difficult abstract concepts (algebrageometrytrigonometrypre-calculus, and calculus) are really not that bad! In high school, letters show up in equations and basic shapes turn out to have all kinds of mathematical properties, but that's when math starts to get interesting!

Some students embarking on high school math may need more guidance than others. Students who usually excel in quantitative areas may find geometry or trigonometry more challenging, simply because these subjects require a slightly different skill set. Conversely, a student who struggled with the equations in algebra class may be drawn to geometry, because so much of the subject involves visual learning.

No student enjoys feeling lost during a math class or performing badly on test, and these phenomena may not go away without help. If you don't take action, a student can fall behind. A private math tutor can give your child one-on-one attention, and identify the steps that your child needs to take to avoid stumbling on problems.  A private math tutor can adjust her methods based on the student's needs, personality and learning style.  Once your child learns the strategies he or she needs and can apply them to problems, just watch the results!